Craftsman Spirit - A Story On Processing Flexible Connectors

- Oct 19, 2019-

In September, we received an inquiry about flexible connector from a new Indian customer. We checked their drawings and requirement, we feel this flexible connector is extremely special and will be very difficult to be processed. Even through their order quantity is not big, after our  technician professional evaluation and analysis of the relevant drawings, we decided to receive their order.

But something is not so simple like we supposed! Considering their order quantity is not big, in order to save costs for them, we didn’t make new tool instead of using wire cutting processing one by one during making holes on the foils. But when we finished and tested the first batches, they didn’t pass our certification test! We are so confused! If we checked them as unqualified ones, we have to remake new ones, it will be a big losses for our company.

Really we feel that they can be used without problem! But after our thoughtful consideration and in order to strictly meet our customer’s drawing, we decided to remake all not considering the cost!.

As we have already good experiences based on first batch processing,  our technicians improved the processing procedures, finally we produces a new batch of very beautiful and qualified products!  When we told all about this to our customers, they are deeply moved and said Joyelectric is their most reliable partner in the future!

This is our attitude to all customers for our business! Customer satisfaction is our target, We believe we never best, but always better on our way to be more and more reliable and stronger!