12kV Enviroment-friendly Gas-insulated Metal-clad Switchgear

12kV Enviroment-friendly Gas-insulated Metal-clad Switchgear

1.Environment protection;2.Fully nitrogen insulation and vacuum arcing, not using SF6 gas insulation as arcing and insulation;3.Only using reusable or recyclable materials.
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Product Details

General description

XGNS8-12 series switchgears are enviroment-friendly gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgears which are extensible and with a rated voltage of 12kV. All live parts with primary high voltage are fully sealed inside the gas chambers that are welded by 3mm thick stainless steel plate, reducing the overall volume of equipment. The switchgear runs stably, free from the affecting from ambient environment and without the need of maintenance. The product achieves full modular-arbitrary combination-through plug-in extensible bus, making it suitable for requirements of end users and meeting the needs of various network nodes, box-type substations and power cable branch boxes. The products are featured with compact structure, safe and reliable operation, long service life and little maintenance.


Product features

Environment protection;

Fully nitrogen insulation and vacuum arcing, not using SF6 gas insulation as arcing and insulation;

Only using reusable or recyclable materials.


Structure advantages

All primary live parts and main transmission components are fully sealed inside metal enclosed gas chamber, and all compartments are designed to ensure safe touches from the outside;

The cabinet is designed with a compact structure and a small floor are; the minimum part is only 400mm;

Modular design, adding extensible solid bus to extend one or more functional units, solid busbar fully insulated and shielded, available for on-site extension installation;

Standard arc-channel design, once internal arcing event occurs, internal arcing can be guided through voltage releasing channels to ensure the safety of operation personnel and limit the fault consequences, reducing the damage to other compartments;

Safe and convenient operation;

Operator panel is clear and easy to understand;

Operation interface and cable connections are located on the front side of the cabinet, making it easy for operation and maintenance;

Through front observation window, grounding conditions and isolation positions can be observed;

The design of sealed compartments can effectively avoid entering when it is in electrifying state;

Complete mechanical and electrical interlocks, effectively avoiding faulty operations;

Large cable installation space, easy for installation;

Maintenance-free, low operating costs;

Use vacuum circuit breakers or vacuum load switches that are maintenance-free;

Primary high voltage components are permanently sealed inside the gas chamber.

Without the need of SF6 pressure check;

Replacing the mode of fuses and transformers with vacuum circuit breakers for transformer protection has better protection performance-higher reliability, lowest energy consumption and lower operation and maintenance costs, and can achieve self-repair function of power grid, achieving the function of automatic power distribution.


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