Fuse Cylinder Insulator Series

1.Full sealed.
2.Full insulation.
3.Complete protection.
4.Maintenance free.
5.Anti-flood and anti-dirtiness.
6.Product dimensions could be customized for insulation protection.
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Product Details

  • Product Features

    Applicable to insulation connections of equipment cabinet electric fittings. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Full sealed, full insulation, complete protection, maintenance free, anti-flood and anti-dirtiness. Product dimensions could be customized for insulation protection. International advanced three-layer injection technology effectively secures interface performance, eliminates inter-layer spacing and reduces local discharge to the greatest degree. Personal safety during maintenance and operating as well as equipment operation is secured.

  • Fuse Cylinder Lower Insulation Bushing

    fuse cylindere lower insulation bushing

  • Fuse Cylinder Upper Insulation Bushing

    fuse cylinder upper insulation bushing

  • Fuse Cylinder Buffer Rubber-Ring(Used inside fuse cylinder for sealing and insulating.)

    fuse cylinder buffer rubber-ring

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