Detachable Cable Terminal

European-style cable accessories of IEC application, cable boot, front cable plug, rear cable plug, insulation end cap, insulation protection cap, rear arrester
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Product Introduction

Detachable cable terminal is widely used in equipment cabinets with European style standard bushing such as box type transformer, box type RMU, GIS and cable branch box. It is compact, light, safe, reliable and easy to assembly, applicable to power distribution network. Easy to assemble and disassemble, tightly sealed, fully insulated, complete protection, maintenance free, anti-submerge and anti-dirtiness. Meanwhile the surface is coated with a layer of semi-conductive shield. In normal operation or as long as electrical grounding is good, even if the operator touches the surface it won’t hurt people or damage equipment, which greatly enhances safety and power supply reliability.

All the detachable cable terminals are made of imported silicon rubber. This material has superb insulating, corona resistance and track resistance properties. It strengthens cable accessories’ ability to use electrical system fluctuations, makes accessories’ electrical property matches with cable’s need. Moreover it has flame resistance, self-extinguishing and excellent heat resistance. In the event of extreme cable accidents, it reduces accident impact to the greatest degree and prevents accidents from getting worse to a certain extent, increases the system operation reliability. It also has some other advantages such as anti-UV, anti-oxidization, hydrophobic migration and toxic-free properties. It is applicable to special circumstances and severely dirty environment.

All the detachable cable terminals meet DIN47636 standard, the design meets IEC 60502:2 standard, and experimental requirements meet IEC60502:4 standard and test method meets GB/T12706.4-2008. Perfect management rules and rigorous quality management system secures product quality before it leaves factory.

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IEC Applications of European Style Cable Accessories

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