8.7/15kV Detachable Cable Terminal2

1.Outer coated with semi-conductive layer that works as shield, making it touchable and safe for people.
2.Extensibility, easy to assemble and disassemble.
3.T-shape cable connection available.
4.Full sealed
5.Full insulated.
6.Complete protection.
7.Maintenance free.
8.Anti-flooding and anti-pollution.
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Product Details

  • Flood-Proof Touchable Rear Plug with Lightning Arrestor

    flood-proof touchable rear plug with lightning arrestor

  • Product Features

    Outer coated with semi-conductive layer that works as shield, making it touchable and safe for people. Extensibility, easy to assemble and disassemble and T-shape cable connection available. Full sealed, full insulated, complete protection, maintenance free, anti-flooding and anti-pollution.

  • Rear Plug Lightning Arrestor Accessories

    Touchable back plug lightning arrestor, copper connection rod, cleaning paper, silicon grease. Preventive test should be done before lightning arrestor starts to work and after one year operation.         

  • Test items are as follows:

  1. Voltage number read from DC 1mA reference voltage should be no less than 95% of the factory value. 

  2. Current leakage test: apply 0.75 times 1mA reference voltage on both ends of lighting arrestor, current goes  through lighting arrestor should not be higher than 50µA.

  3. Power-frequency withstand voltage and discharge potential tests are prohibited.

  • Elbow PT Plug

    Model: NKS-10/200-P-ZT

  • Application scope

    Applicable to operation power supply for electric operating mechanism and the full insulated, sealed, shielded connection of the high voltage terminals of PT transformers for metering protection. Applicable to cable section 25-120mm2. Easy to plug in and out for connection with reliable anti-release device.

    elbow PT plug

  • Insulation Protection Cap

    Model: NKS-10/630-P-BHM

  • Application scope

    The European-style insulation protection cap is used to seal off the empty spacing of bushing in order to secure the safety for both human and equipment operation. The 630A cap provides insulation protection for 630A electrified bushing connector and dirtiness and moisture prevention for not electric bushing connector.

    insulation protection cap

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