8.7/15kV Detachable Cable Terminal

Detachable cable terminal is widely used in equipment cabinets with European style standard bushing such as box type transformer, box type RMU, GIS and cable branch box. It is compact, light, safe, reliable and easy to assembly, applicable to power distribution network. Easy to assemble and disassemble, tightly sealed, fully insulated, complete protection, maintenance free, anti-submerge and anti-dirtiness. Meanwhile the surface is coated with a layer of semi-conductive shield. In normal operation or as long as electrical grounding is good, even if the operator touches the surface it won’t hurt people or damage equipment, which greatly enhances safety and power supply reliability.
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Product Details

  • Flood-Proof Touchable Front Plug

    flood-proof touchable front plug

       Model: NKS-10/630-P-Q                  Outline Dimension                                    Application

  • Flood-Proof Touchable Rear Plug

    flood-proof touchable rear plug

        Model: NKS-10/630-P-H                     Outline Dimension                                          Application

  • Product Features

    Advanced post-injection technology adopted. Outer coating with semi-conductive layer for shielding, touchable and safety for people. Special stress cone structure effectively disperses electric field stress and solves the electric field stress problem at the cut on cable shielding layer. Extensibility, easy to assemble and disassemble and T-shape cable connection available. Tightly sealed, fully insulated, complete protection, zero maintenance , anti-flooding and anti-pollution.

  • Flood-Proof Touchable Front Plug Accessories

    touchable front    plug bodystress    conecompression    terminaldouble      end boltthree-finger    bushingquality        certificateinstallation
    silicon greaseend
    end capinsulation
    paper card

  • Flood-Proof Touchable Rear Plug Accessories

    touchable rear       plug bodystress conecompression    terminalcopper                connecting rodquality            certificateinstallation
    earthing wire paper card silicon greasecleaning paperthree-finger    bushinginsulation

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