VSH modular operating mechanism of circuit breaker

- Oct 10, 2016-

VSH Series operating mechanism is a kind of modularized operating mechanism of spring energy storage and suits vacuum circuit breaker with all voltage levels. The operating mechanism integrates units such as closing unit, opening unit, auxiliary switch and indicating device, etc. The front includes Closing/Opening button, manual energy charged handle, spring energy storage position indicator and C/O indicator, etc. The performance of operating mechanism match design of vacuum interrupter and the mechanism decreases intermediate link and reduces energy consumption and noise, which make the performance of circuit breaker more reliable.

1. The modularized mechanism makes assembly and debugging simpler:

1.1 Optimized transmission design

1) Cam of the mechanism drives main shaft directly, which decrease transmission link, improve transmission efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

2) The mechanism has few components but with high reliability.

1.2 The mechanism is equipped with manual energy storage handle.

1.3 During usage, when changing damaged electric components, it does not

relate to mechanical transmission part. The entire performance of the product will not be affected:

1) Electromagnet of snap-in assembled type; only need to remove a bolt when replacing.  

2) The motor module is easy to be replaced, it  doesn't effect the product performance of mechanical components.

1.4 Use high-performance and long-life lubricant and surface treatment with high corrosion resistance to prolong maintenance period and reduce maintenance cost.

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