Six-figure Operation Counter

- Nov 19, 2016-

I. Application

Six-figure counter is used for recording amount of electric signal times. As combining with secondary parameters, they can be used as digital display instrument for counting electric pulse in the field of petroleum, chemical engineering, textile industry, machinery, mining, national defense, agriculture, food and printing, etc..


II. Working principle

Electric signal inputs into counter, which produces suction in electromagnet, then makes armature driving escapement mechanism to make number wheel turning and count by decade.


III. Main technical data

1. Counting digits: 6 digits (106)

2. Max. indicating value: 999999;

3. Error of indicating value: 0;

4. Min. impulse width (on-off): DC 20/20 ms, AC 50/50 ms;

5. On-load factor (at 20): 100%;

6. Allowed fluctuation range of input voltage: ±10%;

7. Rated voltage, ripple ratio, supply frequency, power and counting rate;

8. No maintenance life: 4×107 times;

9. Weight: around 170 g;

10. Installation dimension: see attached table.

Rated voltage





Ripple ratio/supply frequency






Counting rate

25 times/s

10 times/s

IV. Usage and storage

1. Ambient temperature: -20~+50℃;

2. No gas or filthy that may corrode metal, age plastic or destroy insulation.

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