Introduction about Indoor Gas Insulation Metal-clad Switchgear (GIS ) 40.5kV

- Aug 31, 2018-

Regarding indoor gas insulation metal-clad switchgear (GIS ) 40.5kV, we have two models:


A: XGNS 1-40.5

B: XGNS 2-40.5


Excepting the information from our catalog, we listed the main difference between the two models:


A: GIS Model No.XGNS 1-40.5:

General description&design: This model is for rated current 630A and below, with comparatively simple structure. It is usually equipped with a single gas tank, where all the primary electric components are enclosed, and the inlet and outlet are installed with elbow-shaped connectors. As secondary power distribution equipment, it is mainly used in power systems with 25KA rated short-circuit or below and widely applied in industrial and residential cable ring-system as well as power supply terminal.

Panel Type:  There are five kinds of panel, they are panel F(LBS-fuse composite switch), Panel V(VCB), Panel C(LBS), Panel D( direct cable connection) and Panel De(direct cable connection with earthing switch)



B: GIS Model No.XGNS 2-40.5:

General description&design: It is for 1250A rated current or above ,with a relatively complex structure. It typically consists of two gas tanks, one tank for bus bar and isolating switch, another tank for circuit breaker. Inner cone-shaped wire connectors are usually used for the inlet and outlet installation. As primary power distribution equipment, it is mainly used in power systems with rated current up to 31.5KA. It is also widely applied in power plants, substations and power systems with higher short-circuit current as purpose of power controlling/ reception / distribution .

Panel Type: Panel V: only one kind of panel, but it could have different primary connection due to different scheme;

GIS switchgear.JPG

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