Cold Shrinkage Technology and Applications

- Dec 06, 2018-


Cold Shrinkage Cable Accessories Features

Cold Shrinkage Technology and Applications

It is well known that rubber has “elastic memory” property like spring. Cold shrinkage technology is also called pre-expansion technology. Rubber is firstly forced open within its elastic range and then plastic cord core is placed in and fixed. In installation, it is only needed to pull out the plastic cord core and then the rubber will quickly shrink and tightly hoop on cable body.

Cold Shrinkage Technology Advantages

1.Cold Shrinkage Technology

The whole set of products adopt the most advanced cold shrinkage technology, no need for fire work or special tools. In installation only need to pull out the wire core. The rubber will rapidly shrink and fasten on the target position.

2.Reliable Insulation

Imported raw materials, all silicone rubber with excellent insulation and high elasticity recovery ability,  long storage time, no chance of malfunction due to cable breath effect after installation.

3.Excellent Seal

Specially-made seal gum is used on all connection parts and form an integral seal, operation accident due to atmospheric environment is avoided.

4.Easy Installation

No need for fire work or heating, safe and reliable, time and labor saving. One product model suits multiple cable sizes. Full set of parts and accessories, no need special tools, installation is easy and fast. Complete self-contraction technology, easy installation. 

With good properties of anti-pollution, anti-aging, hydrophobia, hydrophobia transportation ability, cold endurance, the products are suitable for areas of high altitude, cold, wet, salt spray and heavy polarization. Since no need fire during installation, they’re especially suitable for flammable and explosive places such as petroleum, chemical, mining.

5.Advanced Equipment

Imported equipment, accurate metering, highly automatic and reliable function.

6.Nice Looking

Length of contraction pipe extended and seamless; smooth and level apparance; aviod creepage.