40.5kV VCB With Assembly Pole
40.5kV VCB With Assembly Pole
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40.5kV VCB with embedded pole

Joyelectric International is a professional manufacturer, supplier and distributor of 40.5kv vcb with assembly pole in China, welcome to order 40.5kv vcb with assembly pole products from our factory and company.

ZN85-40.5 Series Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Rated voltage: 40.5

Rated current: 1250A~2500A

Rated short-circuit breaking current: 25~31.5KA

Mechanical life: 10000 times

Breaking times of full capacity: 20 times

The height above sea level: 2000m

Main circuit use compound insulation

Feed mechanism with overruning coupler, make it convenient to match with switchgear

The performance meet C2/E2/M2 class

Can be matched with KYN61 type switchgear

Can be matched with switchgear of 1000mm width

Meet requirements of "Five Prevention"

Can be used at high altitude

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